Pio Marasco & MFC

Pio Marasco moved to Maui at the end of 1989 because of his passion for the ocean and for water sports. This passion inevitably led him to work in the watersports industry. MFC HAWAII (established in 1986) was his first connection into the industry and from there he started his adventure as a “fin maker”. Marasco’s life revolves around the ocean, and Hawaii is the perfect place for Pio to express his creativity and ideas in every form. His vision is to contribute the best fins to the market. He meticulously takes his time to personally connect with every sailor, customer and client on the beach, web or in his store, located in the Pawela Cannery in Haiku, Maui-HAWAII. Marasco spends as much time in the water as he can. He personally tests all of the MFC fins going on the market together with the MFC team.In 1991 the “fin man” got his start and began to produce the first CNC shaped fins with MFC. From that year to date MFC counts 13 World Championships titles, and has had in team MFC such athletes as David Kalama, Anders Bringdal,, Rush Randle, Josh Stone. Today’s generation Team Riders include Levi Siver, Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello, Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne, Victor Fernandez, Kevin Pritchard, Francisco Goya, Klaas Voget, Boujmaa Guilloul, Francisco Porcella, Dario Ojeda, Camille Juban, Lalo Goya, the most innovative board shaper and rider Keith Teboul, John Skye, Goya Sails designer and rider Jason Diffin, Laurent Guillemin, Pascal Bronnimann, and many more.
He designed the first short fin for Freestyle in 1999 as well as the well known <STYLE MASTER> together with Josh Stone. This presented a real change to the freestyle discipline which allowed riders to work on new maneuvers while having a very short and powerful fin that was not getting in the way during spinning moves. He still fondly remembers that test day at Sprecks Beach, in Maui with Josh Stone and Brian Talma. Right away they knew another bar had been raised for Freestyle in order for the sport to move further in the discipline. In 1999 JOSH STONE became Freestyle Word champion winning every hit in Fuerteventura during the finals using the STYLE MASTER.MFC was also the first to develop the aluminum tow fins for Pe’ahi (Jaws), with Dave Kalama, one of the most innovative riders ever. Now KALAMA is concentrating all his energy in surfing, stand-up paddling and his surf camp in Costa Rica. Kalama keeps living the ocean dream while expressing all of his power and style in riding waves and being one of the few Real waterman.
In 2006 MFC joined forces with Keith Toboul, Levi Siver and Kauli Sead and together they breathed life back into the Twin Fin concept. This was followed by the advent of the QUAD boards and QS fins by the end of 2008; Keith with his revolutionary shapes, Kauli with his innovative style and Levi with his powerful and stylish rides all had a huge contribution to the development of this new set-up that started a revolution in the windsurfing market.MFC also works very closely with RRD, QUATRO, GOYA, FANATIC and STARBOARD, developing fins to equip their board lines. It has been very challenging to design a fin that works well in every condition, with every board, in gusty wind, which is adaptable to every level of sailor. It has definitely not been easy, but working closely with these board manufactures has brought so much to each brand and to MFC itself as far as knowledge and experience. It should also be said that Fanatic was the first company to believe in MFC in 1996. They continue to still collaborate.
Pio continues to live his dream in Hawaii, designing new fins, spending as much time he can in the water, and expressing his creativity, through his new outlet since 2000, Music.